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I saw a very cool post from Microsoft Learning on Facebook yesterday that intriged me. Microsoft Learning has put together a very nice set of training materials, videos, wikis, discussion forums and the like to help candidates prepare for the set of exams that make up the SQL Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 MCSA certifications.

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90 Days to MCSA blog post series:
1. Introduction – This post
2. Building a plan for the Challenge – 90 days to MCSA – Building a plan for the Challenge

Now, let’s break down the two certifications:

The SQL Server 2012 MCSA consists of 3 exams that need to be passed. They are 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases and 70-463: Implementing Data Warehouses with Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The Windows Server 2012 MCSA consists of the following 3 exams that will need to be passed. They are 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012, 70-411: Administering Windows Server 2012 and 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services.

More information can be found on each of the links above and by visiting the Microsoft Learning web pages for SQL Server and for Windows Server.

There are many , many different excellent resources available and the main landing page for all that great content can be found at 90daystoMCSA.com.

Now, I’m sure that I will be able to put together a good basic rundown of the various information available on the 90 Days to MCSA website, but the team at Microsoft Learning is much better at that than me. Here is the link to 90 Days to MCSA: SQL Server 2012 Edition and 90 Days to MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Edition articles that will explain eveything is great detail for you.

What *I* will be doing is moderating a study group and email list of people who have indicated to me that they’d like to achieve this certification within 90 days. I have created a Google+ community here that will be used as a discussion forum / study group and I’ll be sending out regular (every week or 2) newsletters that will contain updates, tips & tricks, etc. Please contact me if you’d like to be included in the Google+ communit or on the email list. I will also be posting various blog posts about the 90 Days to MCSA Challenge. Keep your eyes open for those. I will be adding updates to this page as I add blog posts.

Now, one thing I’d like to mention is that I will be trying to achieve BOTH certifications. I am currently a DBA consultant but my background is in systems administration. I have been tasked by the company to achieve these certifications as part of our company relationship with Microsoft. BUT, I know that these certification are very beneficial even if I didn’t *need* to do them for work, hehehe.

I hope to see everybody that I know achieve their MCSA certification in SQL Server or Windows Server.

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