SQL Server 2012 for the DBA

This past Wednesday night, the 18th Jan, I had the privilege to speak at the local SQL Server user group – JaxSSUG.

I was asked by Tom Brenneman to co-present on some of the new SQL Server 2012 hotness. I am currently working on SQL Server 2012 content that will be the basis of an upcoming 4-day class so I was able to put together a quick overview presentation. It was called Delta Force: SQL Server 2012 for the DBA.

JaxSSUG presentation

It was a great evening with approximately 60 people attending. I was definitely the supporting act while Adam Jorgensen (blog | twitter) headlined with his presentation on the BI Tabular Model and PowerView in SQL Server 2012.

Thanks to Scott Gleason, Tom Brenneman and JaxSSUG for putting on a great event.

You may download the slide deck for my presentation here.

One response to “SQL Server 2012 for the DBA

  1. Excellent presentation Sir. Very informative. I especially liked the teaching method; mixing techical information with real life situations and the warehouse image. Made lots of sense. Thank you.

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