SQL Server 2012 for the DBA (virtual class)

A new skill for a New Year
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I will be teaching the SQL Server 2012 for the DBA virtual class on 19th – 22nd March. Registration is now open for this class.


SQL Server 2012 is the newest version of SQL Server available from Microsoft. This four day (half-day) course is designed to introduce SQL Server DBA’s to the new and exciting features available in that version. We use a variety of lab exercises to ensure lecture sessions are backed up by hands-on experience. With the hands-on labs, you will experience how the new features can be utilized in your everyday DBA work. This course will cover topics such as AlwaysOn, ColumnStore indexes, SQL Server Data Tools, the FileTable feature, Azure and administering the BI platform within the context of SQL Server 2012.


The target of this class is SQL Server DBA’s, developers, architects or IT professionals who have average to good T-SQL skills already. This class assumes that you have a good understanding of SQL Server fundamentals. For example, you should know and use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) interface and associated toolbox items before attending this class. It is not mandatory but some experience using the Business Intelligence Design Studio (BIDS) interface will be an advantage to you.

Day 1 – Administration and Performance:

Module 1: Deprecated and Discontinued Features
Module 2: ColumnStore Indexes
Module 3: DMV’s & Extended Events
Module 4: Security
Module 5: SQLOS
Module 6: Central Management and DRU

Day 2 – AlwaysOn and Disaster Recovery:

Module 7: Availability Groups
Module 8: Using Availability Groups
Module 9: Clustering Enhancements
Module 10: Disaster Recovery Enhancements

Day 3 – Programmability & Azure:

Module 11: SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)
Module 12: Data-tier Applications (DAC Pac’s)
Module 13: T-SQL Enhancements
Module 14: FileTable and Full-text Semantic Search
Module 15: Introduction to Azure

Day 4 – Administering the BI platform:

Module 16: SSIS Administration
Module 17: SSAS Administration
Module 18: SharePoint Administration
Module 19: Azure Reporting

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